Environmental Regulatory Framework Index

Will poor environmental regulations result in financial and reputational damage to your business?

Discuss your challenges with our experts
Discuss your challenges with our experts
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The Environmental Regulatory Framework Index evaluates countries' national environmental legislation and their engagement with major multilateral environmental agreements. It also provides an assessment of the legal, institutional and governance factors which inform the implementation and enforcement of environmental policies, laws and regulations.

The Environmental Regulatory Framework Index can help you:

  • Screen operations and supply chains for the presence of environmental laws
  • Rank suppliers or sites globally on the robustness of environment regulations in place
  • Understand the specific environment laws and treaties lacking in a given location
  • Inform supplier risk assessments by streamlining SAQ or audit processes
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and sustainable procurement standards
  • Demonstrate due diligence when onboarding new suppliers or assessing new locations
  • Avoid unnecessary violations or litigations in relation to environmental compliance

Who could benefit from the index?

Risk Managers
Pinpoint locations in your operations or supply chain where weak environmental regulations are likely to translate into financial costs

Corporate Sustainability
Align your overall business strategy with long-term value creation by gaining visibility of the strength of environmental laws in your locations

Sustainable Procurement
Increase your supply chain’s net benefit to society by building a supplier base in locations with robust environment regulations

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Download a sample report

Download a sample report from our Environmental Regulatory Framework index: Environmental permitting highlights regulatory risks