Economic risk data

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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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The health of the underlying economy is a key determinant of the operating context for multinational businesses. Whether you are seeking to understand the ebbs and flows of key macroeconomic variables, or looking at more structural factors such as market access, trade relationships and consumer potential, high-fidelity data is essential for monitoring the commercial environment.

Our economic risk dataset consists of 31 indices looking at a range of metrics relating to economic risk – including trading relationships, and domestic and external vulnerabilities – alongside metrics pertinent to the business environment, including consumer potential, infrastructure and access to finance.

Use our economic risk dataset to:

  • Identify growth and investment opportunities in the emerging market universe

  • Screen your operations for exposure to macroeconomic volatility

  • Assess labour force and consumer trends to find the most promising markets

  • Review market entry opportunities against a range of criteria that will impact the ease of doing business in those markets