Deforestation Index

Are your operations or supply chains driving deforestation?

Discuss your challenges with our experts
Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Our Deforestation Index combines satellite data of net forest loss with a spatial resolution of 430m² with a qualitative assessment of how well forests are protected to pinpoint areas where deforestation risks are greatest.

The Deforestation Index can help you:

  • Screen and compare operations and supply chains for forest loss risks
  • Understand the areas that pose most threat to achieving internal targets and international benchmarks
  • Align corporate strategy with global standards like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Who could benefit from the index?

Investor Relations
Monitor and share deforestation risk data on a topic of growing interest to investors, regulators and customers

Procurement and Supply Chain
Understand where deforestation poses a risk to sustainability benchmarks

Portfolio Managers
Assess quantitative deforestation data, a key ESG metric

Features and benefits at-a-glance


Comparable scores across sites for 191 countries


Global subnational map with a spatial resolution of 430m²


Consistent dataset since 2014

Download a sample report

Download a sample report from our Deforestation Index: Gold mining drives Amazon deforestation in Suriname