Civil and Political Rights indices

Screen operations for exposure to civil and political rights risks

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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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The Civil and Political Rights (CPR) indices help businesses understand their exposure to violations of the rights to privacy, free speech and protest, as well as discrimination and violence against women and girls, ethnic and religious minorities, LGBT persons, and indigenous people. Screening your operations for exposure to these violations before entering into a contract or business deal can mitigate those risks.

The CPR dataset is a cluster of indices constructed with reference to the UN’s “Protect, Respect and Remedy” framework. We assess a country’s commitment to protecting these rights, the quality of its domestic legal framework, its enforcement capabilities and the extent of reported violations. Violations can obstruct civil society, human rights advocacy, the enjoyment of cultural rights and business activities, as well as fuel civil unrest, making it vital to alleviate these risks within your business.

The Civil and Political Rights indices can help you:

  • Understand the areas that pose most threat to your operations, supply chains and contractors
  • Screen and compare operations in specific countries most prevalent for civil and political risks
  • Perform due-diligence risk assessments and prioritise actions
  • Build strong resilience, adequate policies and monitor systems for abuses in the value chain
  • Safeguard company reputation
  • Promote responsible and sustainable business practices with local communities in mind

Who could benefit from the index?

Investor Relations and Portfolio Managers
Ensuring investments respect civil and political rights is important to customers, regulators and civil society.

Businesses with supply chains in conflict-affected areas
Companies operating amid conflict over the control of territory, resources or a government itself are especially exposed to complicity with civil and political rights violations. Assessing and addressing the heightened risks of abuses can prevent association or complicity with these rights.

Companies using subcontractors
Businesses risk being associated with civil and political rights via subcontractors that fail to comply with international standards.

Features and benefits at-a-glance


Eight indices, measuring risks of civil and political rights abuses


Over 10,000 data points used to assess the root causes and drivers of civil and political rights violations


Three years of reporting data since 2017

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Download a sample report from our Civil and Political Rights Indices: Side-lining communities will drive unrest against mining projects