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The emergence of investor-oriented disclosure frameworks, such as the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations, and shifting public expectations about how organisations manage natural resources, mean that companies are having to find new ways to combat environmental risk. Consumers, investors and shareholders are also making increasing demands on business to take a forward-looking approach by embedding sustainable practices within their decision-making, operations and supply chains. The costs of inaction will soon outweigh those of implementation.

We are uniquely placed to help you to overcome these unfolding challenges. Using our internationally recognised risk indices, we can map global corporate exposure to climate change, natural hazards, water issues and regulatory challenges down to the asset-level. Our team of experienced environmental specialists and consultants use these data-driven insights as the basis to deliver expert analysis and develop risk mitigation strategies that enable you to pinpoint your risk exposure, so you can understand where to focus your resources and adopt best practice in disclosure.

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How we help you identify and manage environmental risk

Richard Hewston

Principal Consultant, Environment and Climate Change

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