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Blog: Singapore summit likely to end in symbolic, media-friendly deal

Blog: Singapore summit likely to end in symbolic, media-friendly deal

All options are on the table

A day before the historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, all options remain on the table. We expect any deal to be light on detail and highly symbolic, allowing both leaders to claim victory, shore up their domestic support and lay the groundwork for further summits and negotiations. 

What do we think might happen?

Announcing a peace treaty to conclude the Korean war is one such possible outcome. It would allow Trump and Kim to present themselves as peacemakers in front of domestic audiences – bolstering the GOP’s support in the upcoming midterm elections and cementing Kim’s legitimacy at home.

Is denuclearisation still on the agenda?

We expect denuclearisation to feature prominently in any statements and communiques issued, but that it will take second stage to other ‘media-friendly’ pronouncements. This will – at least in theory – allow both sides to keep denuclearisation as a stated goal, while focusing on more achievable short-term objectives.

I am monitoring developments on the ground in Singapore and will be providing further analysis tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Miha Hribernik

Head of Asia, Politics

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