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Maplecroft relaunches Human Rights Practice featuring new resources

Maplecroft relaunches Human Rights Practice featuring new resources

Maplecroft’s Human Rights Practice offers a wide range of products and services that have been developed to help organisations identify, manage and mitigate human rights risks in their operations, supply chains and distribution networks.

Our innovation in this area means we are continually adding and updating resources, including a new range of Societal Risk Reports, to enable responsible business to assess, prioritise, screen and monitor human rights risk at all levels of operation in all countries.

These resources are supported by our large team of human rights practitioners that offer a range of advisory services and include a multi-disciplinary group of academics, lawyers, trained human rights researchers and auditors with substantial impact assessment field experience.

In addition, Maplecroft offers an ongoing human rights webinar series that can be used as an internal learning resource for clients.

Maplecroft’s Human Rights Practice resources include:

2014 – launch date 4th December

Maplecroft’s sixth annual Human Rights Risk Atlas is designed to help business, investors and international organisations assess, compare and monitor human rights risk across all countries. The Atlas includes interactive maps and indices for 31 human rights categories and scorecards for 197 countries covering human security, labour rights and protection, civil and political rights and access to remedy. It also features sub-national mapping of human rights violations and human security incidents down to site-specific levels worldwide.

Six years of data from the Atlas means that Maplecroft is able to plot the trajectories of companies to identify the root causes of risk and where new hotspots may emerge.

Societal Risk Reports are used to inform social investment strategy. They evaluate the overarching social and human rights risk issues relevant to a particular country, including labour standards, human rights and developmental issues. These reports provide insight into emerging political risk challenges particularly focusing on social roots as well as areas for social investment.

Through the analysis of five-plus years of country risk data, they identify long-term strategic risks; the root causes of risk in society; trends; challenges; and opportunities for investment. The analysis facilitates improved long-term decision making and risk mitigation by aiding the scenario planning and horizon scanning process.

Labour Standards Reports provide in-depth analysis of the primary labour issues facing companies in their countries of operation. Risk issues include: working hours, compensation, labour contracts, labour protests, health and safety, unions, discrimination, forced labour and child labour. The reports also feature subnational maps of labour violations, country scores from Maplecroft’s risk indices, emerging trends, country overviews, stakeholder viewpoints, key recent events, labour statistics and a breakdown of labour laws and the ratification of ILO conventions.

These track and monitor human rights risks and trends in line with due diligence requirements in respect of the UN Guiding Principles. Scores and trends for 24 categories, key event analysis and available for 200 countries worldwide.

Maplecroft's Human Rights Due Diligence services help companies understand the human rights risks posed by their operating environments and supply chains; identify and address their actual and potential human rights impacts; and ensure they are not directly or indirectly complicit in human rights violations.

We bring expertise in:

Maplecroft’s Human Rights Due Diligence Dashboard helps multinational companies assess, prioritise, manage and monitor areas of their value chain most at risk of human rights violations and complicity.

Our interactive tool builds on Maplecroft’s extensive portfolio of human rights risk indices and country analysis with insight into different sectors, location in the value chain, nature of entity etc. to generate a custom risk assessment score and risk mitigation recommendation. This is supplemented by entity scorecards and interactive maps that facilitate horizon scanning, scenario planning and trend analysis.

  • Analyses of the full range of up-to-date labour, civil, political and development rights risks, as well as access to remedy challenges facing corporate value chains
  • Objectively scores, profiles and prioritises an unlimited number of international company sites (including facilities, investments, partners and suppliers) according to their human rights risk profile
  • Interactively maps current and potential sites of interest to understand comparative and emerging human rights risk exposures across an asset portfolio and/or supplier base
  • Tracks emerging allegations, stakeholder viewpoints and key recent events relating to human rights violations in sectors and key countries of interest
  • Provides access to shared critical human rights-relevant documentation and other resources including in-depth country risk reports, labour standards reports and country-commodity analysis

(HRBDF) is designed to stimulate discussion about the dilemmas responsible multinational companies may face in their efforts to respect and support human rights when operating in emerging economies. It addresses 25 different dilemma themes, including Access to Water, Child Labour, Conflict Minerals, Corruption, Forced Labour, Human Trafficking, Security Forces and Working With State-Owned Enterprises which are addressed individually as part of our HRBDF webinar series.

Key elements within the HRBDF include:

  • In-depth analysis of dilemma themes, drivers, scenarios, risks - and suggestions for responsible business
  • An extensive database of good practice case studies focused on how a wide range of multinational corporations - as well as other stakeholder organisations - have responsibly addressed these dilemmas
  • A moderated, online discussion forum for the constructive discussion of each of the dilemma themes, approaches taken and latest developments in the field by a wide-range of interested stakeholders

The Forum is part of a project funded by the and implemented by Maplecroft in partnership with the . Visit the .

Maplecroft runs an active series of webinars to build awareness of the political, governance, social, humanitarian and environmental risks impacting the global business environment. During each session, our analysts will present an overview of Maplecroft's research findings, and discuss implications for business and recommended actions. View the full curriculum here:

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