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Framing the issue

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Rapidly growing cities most vulnerable to impacts of climate change

Combining new UN projections on rates of annual population growth in over 1800 cities with subnational data from our Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI), we assess the threat from climate change over the next 30 years. We found that of the 100 fastest growing cities by population, 84 are rated ‘extreme risk’, with a further 14 in the ‘high risk’ category.

View the latest Press release for Verisk Maplecroft's Climate Change and Vunerability Index 2018

Did you know?

  • 84 of the 100 fastest growing cities by population are rated as facing ‘extreme risks’ from rising temperatures and increasingly severe weather events brought on by climate change
  • Overall 236 cities are categorised as facing ‘extreme risks’ – 95% of which are located in Africa and Asia
  • Africa is home to 86 of the top 100 fastest growing cities, with 79 rated ‘extreme risk’ – including 15 capital cities and many key commercial centres
  • The amount of GDP in African countries exposed to ‘extreme risk’ in the CCVI will grow from US$895bn in 2018 to US$1397bn in 2023 – representing 48% of the entire continent’s GDP
  • The ’extreme risk’ cities with the highest financial risk include: Jakarta, US$233bn; Manila, US$166bn; Lagos, US$128.5bn; Baghdad, US$88bn; Addis Ababa, US$69bn
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