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Framing the issue

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Hotspots of anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar

In wake of deepening reforms and loosened trade restriction by Western governments, Myanmar’s rich natural resources and its need for socio-economic development present great business opportunities for foreign investors. However, the increasing level of religious violence in some parts of the country casts concerns over security risks for prospective investors.

This map shows the spread of anti-Muslim violence over the past six months. The resurgence of communal violence between Buddhists and Muslim minorities in the restive Rakhine State took place in latter half of 2012. However, the violence spread outside of Rakhine State in March 2013, when violent riots occurred in the town of Meikhtila in Mandalay Region. Outbreaks of violence in and near major cities and trading hubs, such as Mandalay and Yangon (as shown on map), carried much greater political and economic implications. As a result, government has strengthened military presence in these areas. Although sectarian violence is unlikely to reverse the reform process in the long term, it does present a risk of protracted disruption to business operations.

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