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Framing the issue

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Terrorist attacks in Iraq

The density map of terrorist incidents in Iraq highlights that the risk posed by terrorism varies significantly across the country. The capital city of Baghdad continues to be heavily overrepresented with Mosul and Kirkuk also witnessing high levels of political violence. Kirkuk in particular has seen an increase in the number of suicide bombings since the second half of 2012. The oil-rich Kirkuk remains disputed, with the Kurdish Regional Government insisting that it lies within Kurdish territory while the central government vehemently denies this. The dispute has flared into violence between rival militias as highlighted by the map, and is likely to continue to do so while relations between Baghdad and Erbil remain hostile. Diyala also ranks amongst the high risk provinces with the province’s proximity to Baghdad and its heterogeneous demographics amongst the factors accounting for the high intensity of terrorist attacks.

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