Financial markets: political risks and their investment implications in 2021

Live: Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 15:30 GMT


As battered economies and political systems struggle to recover after a tumultuous 2020, global markets continue to perform robustly. But with the Covid-19 crisis entering its drawn-out final act, investors remain will remain exposed to multiple downside risks – not just monetary, but political too. Risks range from instability in emerging and frontier markets; to an unprecedented debt hangover; mounting geopolitical tensions; and the economics and politics of a messy energy transition. In this webinar our analysts will dig into these key topics, exploring their drivers and discussing potential implications and strategies for global investors across all key asset classes.

Through the webcast you’ll learn about:
  • Which emerging and developed markets will be most exposed to downside political risks, including left-tail destabilisations that could catch investors unawares; and where unprecedented levels of debt are and aren’t a concern
  • The investment implications of China’s reshaping of geopolitics, global resource trade, and emerging market sovereign risks alike
  • Looking ahead to the longer term, how the energy transition is likely to affect politics and political risk in the world’s net oil exporters
  • David Wille, Principal Analyst, Market Risk
  • Franca Wolf, Analyst, Europe
  • Eileen Gavin, Principal Analyst
  • James Lockhart Smith, VP, Market Risk
  • David Irwin-Ransom, Senior Marketing Specialist
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