Webinar: Why is the environment the hottest human rights issue?

Human Rights Outlook 2019

Our 2019 Human Rights Outlook examines key developments in human rights across the globe. The rising demand for renewable energy led by new technologies as well as cross-cutting external factors, such as climate change and political risk,  will shape the current and future operating environment of companies.

Members of our Human Rights, Value Chains and Environment teams discuss these topics in Part 2 of our Human Rights Outlook webinar. 

Part 2:

Modern slavery risks set to rise as number of climate migrants surge

Renewables: Are human rights the Achilles’ heel of green energy’s sustainability credentials?

Download the webinar recording to learn:

  • Is renewable energy as clean and green as you might think?
  • Do investors pay enough attention to the social risks of ‘clean’ energy?
  • What are the supply chain issues of renewable energy?

Will Nichols, Head of Environmental Research
Marina El Hasni, Human Rights Analyst
Olivia Dobson, Principal Value Chains Analyst
Donna Westerman, Vice President ESG Global Risk Research (Chair)