Webinar: Social licence to operate (SLO), a must for mining firms in LatAm

Human Rights Outlook 2019

Our 2019 Human Rights Outlook examines key social developments across the globe. Latin America has the highest number of active socio-environmental conflicts globally. 340 out of 714 socio-environmental conflicts are linked to the metals and mining industry. As community opposition to projects mounts, mining firms must improve how they secure and maintain their social licence to operate (SLO) to safeguard their investment.

In this webinar we will help companies understand and address drivers of community opposition, the key human rights risks associated with securing and maintaining SLO, and present some tools companies can use to prevent and mitigate risks as well as remediate impacts.

Register for the webinar to find out:

  • Why is securing and maintaining SLO relevant for mining companies?
  • Which countries are most exposed to community opposition?
  • Which are the most salient human rights risks mining companies are exposed to?
  • How can you identify and prevent SLO-associated risks?

Choose from two sessions: 

Tuesday, 8 October @  9:00 CDT (Houston) / 10:00 EDT (New York, Toronto) / 11:00 ART (Argentina, Brazil) / 15:00 BST (London) 
Wednesday, 9 October @ 9:00 SGT (Singapore) / 10:00 JST (Tokyo) / 12:00 AEST (Melbourne)


Jimena Blanco, Research Director/Head of Americas
Victoria Gama, Senior Human Rights Analyst