Webinar: Freedom of speech, the unspeakable controversy

Human Rights Outlook 2019

Our 2019 Human Rights Outlook examines key developments in human rights across the globe. What does it mean for companies when governments tighten the noose around the rights of citizens – from the quashing of public dissent to the detainment of a proportion of its population?

Join our panel of experts when we explore the topics of the 2019 Human Rights Risk Outlook in two parts.

Part 1:

‘Strongmen’ regimes lead charge against freedom of speech and privacy

Xinjiang supply chain risks intensify and extend beyond China’s borders

Register here to learn:

  • How does the global decline in free speech and privacy impact companies?
  • How are states using new technology to increase control over citizens and companies?
  • Why investors should pay attention to a decline in free speech?

Choose from two sessions: 

Thursday, 26 September @ 16.00 CEST (EU)/15.00 BST (UK) /10.00 EDT (NYC)
Tuesday, 1 October @ 14.00 SGT (Singapore)/ 15.00 JST (Tokyo) / 16.00 AEST (Sydney)

Sofia Nazalya, Human Rights Analyst
Ryan Ahern, Senior Commodities Analyst
Donna Westerman, Vice President ESG Global Risk Research (Chair)