Verisk Maplecroft launches new Global Risk Dashboard platform – your single source of risk intelligence

Global risk data, analysis and mapping all in one place

After two years in development, we are delighted to announce the release of our new client platform, the Global Risk Dasboard (GRiD). GRiD represents a sea change in the way our clients will be able to map, analyse and visualise the risk exposure of their operations, supply chains and investments.

The web-based interface combines our industry leading portfolio of 150+ risk indices with expert analysis from our international team of country risk specialists to provide a unique, single source of global risk intelligence covering the entire range of environmental, political, social and economic risks.

“We’re very excited to see GRiD go live for our clients,” says Matt Moshiri, Verisk Maplecroft’s President. “We’ve worked hand-in-hand with a number of them to ensure the platform reflects their needs, including enhancing the insight they receive while simplifying the job of managing risk across complex global organisations. The feedback so far is extremely positive. With this strong foundation we're looking forward to rolling out further developments for our clients in future.”

GRiD has been specifically designed to help users of Verisk Maplecroft’s Global Risk Analytics and Research. The release brings a host of UI improvements, performance upgrades, new features and powerful visualisations that simplify and speed up user’s workflows, enabling them to quickly identify and understand risk around the world so they can rapidly make impactful business decisions.


GRiD's key features

Tailor made

Full transparancy

Powerful analytics

Easy to use interface: We’ve specifically designed GRiD with you and your workflows in mind

Get below the surface: Dig into 850+ indicators to see what’s driving risk at a more granular level

Location uploads: Upload site, supplier and investment locations for more granular insights

All in one place: Your single source of intelligence, integrating global risk analytics and expert insight

Timeseries: See what’s changing to understand both the headline and hidden risk trajectories

Data extract: Streamline regular export processes with custom download formats

Personal views: Build, customise and share bespoke risk views based on locations and themes

Ask the analyst: Got questions? Connect with the right expert inline for quick, detailed answers

Announcements: Get relevant alerts and custom digest emails that keep you in the loop