Webcast: How will the EU tackle the economic challenges ahead, and what are the ESG implications?

Coronavirus Webcast Series


The coronavirus pandemic has placed unprecedented economic strains on Europe. The EU has signalled a readiness to provide unprecedented financial support and break existing taboos on debt mutualisation in the eurozone. Brussels is also likely to make aid contingent upon improvements in environmental standards and the rule of law across Central And Eastern Europe.

Listen to our webinar where our experts discuss how Europe will be reshaped by the post-pandemic recovery, and the risks and opportunities facing investors as the recovery gets under way.

Through this webcast you’ll learn about:

  • Will the Eurozone adopt debt mutualisation, either explicitly or through de facto burden sharing mechanisms?
  • What are the political fault-lines on debt mutualisation, and what are the likely scenarios for fiscal integration going forward?
  • How will the financial support mechanisms impact on ESG factors? In particular, will the Commission seek to make fiscal support in non-eurozone CEE states conditional on improvements in environmental protections and the rule of law?
  • What regions will be most affected by burden sharing, debt mutualisation, and funding for the energy transition?


  • Daragh McDowell, Head of Europe and Central Asia
  • Franca Wolf, Europe and Central Asia Analyst 
  • Filip Rambousek, Europe and Central Asia Analyst 
  • James Lockhart Smith, Head of Financial Sector Risk