Webinar: TCFDs: A path to pain-free climate change disclosure


Climate change is widely acknowledged to present a systemic risk to the oil and gas sector. In response, investors are increasingly asking for information on how companies are integrating climate-related considerations into their business operations and strategies.

Companies have been confronted with competing standards and benchmarks to meet investor demands, but now the advent of the TCFD recommendations represents a default reporting mechanism for climate disclosure and a much-needed central framework. Nevertheless, as we will explore in this webinar, it’s not all plain sailing. We will highlight the key reporting obstacles that the TCFDs present, and describe practical steps companies can take to overcome them and meet stakeholder expectations.

Through the webinar you’ll learn about:

  • The growing imperative of climate disclosure and how to navigate the complex landscape of reporting standards
  • Why the TCFDs have emerged as a unified disclosure framework
  • Where the disclosure pain points lie and how to overcome them, including quantifying existing and future financial impacts and conducting scenario analysis


  • Richard Hewston, Principal Consultant, Climate Change
  • Will Nichols, Head of Environment and Climate Change Research
  • Stacy Gilfillan, Managing Consultant