Are you prepared for the upcoming German Due Diligence Act?


In March 2021, the German government adopted the ‘Sorgfaltspflichtengesetz', the draft law on corporate due diligence in supply chains. Companies will need to take action, including developing company-wide policies, enhanced supplier due diligence and establishing internal governance ahead of the first deadline on 1 January 2023. For many companies, ensuring that they are meeting the requirements of the law may require significant internal resources, knowledge and capacity.

We work with businesses in all industries on their corporate and human rights due diligence approach, spanning all steps of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, incorporating industry best practice and guidance, and meeting regulations and legal requirements. Our adaptable support and expertise on human rights and supply chain due diligence makes us the best partner to help you comply with laws and regulations, including the Sorgfaltspflichtengesetz, UK Modern Slavery Act and the Devoir de Vigilance.

We can help with the requirements of this Act, including:

  • Developing a HRDD strategy for the company, including its own operations and how to manage the supply chain

  • Setting up internal governance for managing the Act and it’s requirements

  • Conducting risk assessments on own operations and supply chains using our proprietary data

  • Developing risk based due diligence approaches for own operations and suppliers, including supplier data collection, Smart SAQs and audit approaches

  • Setting up grievance mechanisms and internal processes to handle issues

  • Supporting on remedial process development

  • Reporting and communication on progress and achievements, including mandatory government disclosures and public responses and communications, such as human rights reports

Rebecca Hall

Managing Consultant