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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Events, particularly over the last decade, have seen the above-ground risk landscape shift more often and more unpredictably, requiring oil and gas companies to actively stay on top of their risk exposure. Getting ahead of political risks as they emerge, or understanding how issues such as human rights drive the risk environment, is the crucial first step in identifying ways to mitigate these dynamic challenges.

Oil and gas companies are, however, far from uniform in their risk requirements, which differ between organisations and internal departments. We understand the complex risk needs confronting the oil and gas sector and respond with independent, objective data and trusted analysis solutions across three separate areas.

Business responsibility and ethics

Understanding volatile and complex risk environments is key to securing social licence to operate and protecting corporate reputations. We set the bar on human rights and social risk analysis in the extractive sector.

  • Pinpoint and benchmark priority issues in supply chains and operations using trusted global data covering human rights, political and environmental risks
  • Develop data-led due diligence strategies across global suppliers based on risk, product, spend, materiality and criticality
  • Establish action plans to mitigate human rights risk and monitor and communicate progress to key internal and external stakeholders
  • Draw on expert third-party / independent analysis from experienced country, human rights and environmental specialists to help you respond to complex, dynamic risks

Government affairs and external relations

Amid growing global uncertainty, do you have access to independent, unbiased, proprietary analysis and data to help you identify and monitor all the above-ground risks across a global portfolio? Our robust risk analysis enables companies to stay on top of evolving political, economic, human rights and environmental developments impacting the energy sector

  • Stay ahead of the political and regulatory dynamics driving business risks in producing and  frontier markets using our comprehensive country risk analysis solutions
  • Take an enriched holistic view of risk, drawing on expert insight from our political risk, human rights and environmental specialists
  • Understand the structural factors driving future risks to help you make sound long-term operational decisions
  • Target resources to focus on the most urgent vulnerabilities in your global portfolio that risk eroding shareholder value

Commercial risk

In today’s price environment the risk/reward balance is more challenging than ever before. While geological and commercial assessments remain essential in generating market-beating returns, it has become equally important to assess, quantify, manage and mitigate the above-ground risks and their impacts on projects and returns.

  • Achieve a 360° understanding of country-level political, security, human rights and environmental risks through our Above-Ground Risk Service
  • Screen opportunities along the most relevant commercial risk backed by robust qualitative analysis
  • Anticipate shifts in the local risk environment by drawing on the combined analytical strength of Verisk Maplecroft and our sister company, Wood Mackenzie
  • Access a specialist group of independent and thematic analysts to support above ground risk assessments