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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Navigating dynamic political risks and meeting intensifying client and stakeholder demand for ESG integration are now key challenges for investors hoping to thrive in global markets. Without the right mix of quantitative data and robust analysis on political and ESG risk exposure, asset owners and managers will struggle to succeed in today’s testing cost and yield environment.

Our Institutional Investor Service combines the industry’s most trusted and wide-ranging quantitative data set on political and ESG risk exposure with expert research and tailored consultancy across six key workflows to help investors stay ahead of the curve.

  • Asset allocation
  • Sovereign debt
  • Equities and corporate bonds
  • Real assets and municipal bonds
  • Global macro
  • Private equity

Asset allocation

Inconsistent and often less-than-reliable political and sustainability data can present a significant challenge for investors when it comes to allocating funds to different assets, regions and countries.

Asset owners use our globally comparable and trusted ESG+P data and research to inform asset allocation processes and to ensure they are optimally placed to take advantage of countries’ and regions’ risk, development and sustainability trajectories.

Sovereign debt

Sovereign debt investing is all about matching the hunt for yield with a laser focus on the economic, political and ESG factors affecting countries’ ability and will to pay. And that’s especially true in emerging and frontier markets, where we have unparalleled expertise and objectivity based on deep immersion and years of experience.

Stay one step ahead by combining integration of our globally-leading dataset on sovereign ESG+P risk with access to curated research insights on the factors affecting the economic and ESG sustainability of government debt.

Access our analysts for expert briefings to gain extra insight, reassurance and interactivity when you need it most.

Equities and corporate bonds

Understanding the local, national or regional political and ESG landscape in which companies operate is critical for any equities or corporate FI strategy with a top-down element. ESG and political risk exposure affects firms’ bottom lines and their impacts on the environment and society alike.

Investors can accurately track and manage exposure across the world with our full suite of ESG indices, which can be adjusted to reflect risks across eight sectors and 70+ industries.

Asset managers with a heavy extractive sector allocation can also access the world’s first asset-level corporate exposure dataset, developed in partnership with our sister company Wood Mackenzie. This can be used to assess how the geographical distribution of companies’ costs and value across different assets intersects with ESG+P risks in those asset locations.

Real assets and municipal bonds

Risks are often local in nature – especially when it comes to real assets.

Investors can derive site-level ESG+P intelligence from our subnational environmental and security risk data across your real estate, infrastructure and municipal bond portfolios, assisted by sophisticated GIS analytics.

For timber, farmland and project-level extractive investments, obtain a powerful extra layer of insight with our commodities analytics, covering 20+ ESG risks and 150+ commodities.

When enhanced investment due diligence is required, partner with our expert consultancy team for project-level ESG and business/political risk research that can be tailored to any stage of the project lifecycle.

Global macro

Achieving alpha in complex and non-linear emerging and developed markets that are subject to political and macroeconomic vulnerabilities is dependent on the quality of the analysis and data you use in your inputs.

Navigate these issues with our globally comparable, trusted data analytics, which encompass 20+ different political risk factors that are independent of market risk pricing. Understand when and why you should make a move in response to daily events with signals from our machine generated data and cutting-edge quantitative forecasting. Leverage our data and on-the-ground experience of our country and thematic experts on where political or policy developments are going next.

Private equity

However little or often you need to support your decision-making with critical risk intelligence, rely on us for a tailored mix of data and in-depth country or project-level research and consulting. Look beyond your target acquisitions to understand the country and sector contexts shaping the business environment they operate in.

Take advantage of access to our data and research to foster a common culture of prudential risk management across all the teams in your portfolio and equip them with the risk intelligence they need to succeed.

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