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Discuss your challenges with our experts
Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Global ICT companies face an overwhelming number of variables that can damage their brand, disrupt operations and supply chains, and impact the long-term value of investments. Identifying and managing these risks is crucial, but even knowing where to start can be a challenge. From sourcing raw materials and supplier selection to understanding market fundamentals and anticipating the next major shift in political risk, choosing the right data can help you make better, risk-adjusted decisions at the outset.

ICT companies can achieve a unique, independent perspective of their global risk exposure across 150 issues at the country, asset, supplier and commodity level by blending their data with our portfolio risk analytics. We combine these unparalleled data insights with expert analysis and advice from a trusted team of specialists. This provides our clients with a holistic picture of risk that gives them the tools they need to successfully prioritise and manage the full range of risks across global operations, supply chains and investments.