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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Heavily regulated and highly scrutinised, today’s banks face more pressure than ever before to understand, mitigate and report on diverse compliance, political, climate and ESG risks. In this environment, successfully managing threats and maximising opportunities is impossible without a proactive, data-driven approach to country, client and commodity exposures.

We help risk, sustainability and compliance teams at global banking and financial institutions manage risk exposures with a unique combination of ESG, climate, financial crime and political risk data, in-depth research and tailored consultancy.

Our expertise spans the following five areas:

Financial crime / compliance

With organisations needing to make ever greater efforts to stay abreast of financial crime risk, our indices on money laundering, terrorist financing, human trafficking, corruption and crime enhance counterparty screening with analytics for top-down assessment and risk-based prioritisation.

Where further due diligence is required, our expertise and consultancy capabilities offer a unique blend of skills which procurement, compliance and risk professionals can leverage to obtain detailed money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessments for specific jurisdictions, counterparties and politically exposed persons operating in opaque emerging and frontier markets.

Reputational risk

E&S and reputational risk teams manage their ESG exposure by leveraging our country, industry, commodity and corporate risk exposure data and expertise.

Our E&S and climate risk data pinpoint risks in retail banking operations and project or corporate finance transactions in developed, emerging and frontier markets. For Equator Principles signatories, our indices cover IFC Performance Standards 1-7. Our SASB-compatible industry risk analytics and data on companies’ geographic risk exposures facilitate portfolio-level assessments and the integration of risk data in pitchbooks.

We provide independent, quantitative ESG assessments of 150+ commodities for due diligence on real assets or commodity-exposed companies.

Our extensive consulting track record, ranging from transaction-level due diligence to responsible sourcing and C-level strategic planning and horizon-scanning, also helps clients successfully assess and manage reputational risks.

Credit and market risk

Country and credit risk teams can manage bank exposures to complex country environments more effectively using our political, economic and financial crime risk indices. These analytics quantify the relative risks presented by a global customer base, and support the maintenance of internal country risk ratings and decision-making on country credit limits.

Our country monitoring enables you to stay on top of global political and regulatory dynamics, armed with independent third-party advice from our extensive team of experts. Our timely qualitative intelligence enables staff to better understand and advise on the likely asset market impacts and distribution implications of the latest developments across the global risk landscape.

Analysts deliver both in-depth country analysis and concise commentary on risk-relevant events as they unfold and are available for 1-2-1 briefings or conference calls.

Operational risk / business continuity

Business continuity professionals use the local-level outputs generated by our terrorism, crime and natural hazards indices to support organisation-wide risk management and resource allocation.

We can deliver the index outputs via custom tools which speak directly to your operational footprint and enable the uploading of selected risk metrics, such as headcount or financial spend, as well as the screening of new locations.

CSR / investor relations

As societies and regulators force banks to take an increasingly holistic view of their responsibilities, we offer powerful comparative insights and reporting expertise to help you do full justice to your achievements via your external reporting.

Our consultancy team has successfully worked with a diverse range of firms over many years to support their internal and external sustainability reporting and environmental and social risk management systems.

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Head of Financial Sector Risk
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