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The industry’s most trusted and wide-ranging portfolio of risk indices

  • Political Risk
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental
  • Economic
  • Predictive Models
  • Industries

We know from experience that global organisations use our data to compare risk across countries, cities, industries or commodities to save on cost and time. As an independent, trusted voice on risk, our data also helps clients make better, more informed decisions that give them a competitive edge and foster reputational leadership. But, what really sets us apart is our tailored approach. We can assess the unique challenges facing your business and build a solution that will enable you to identify and manage vulnerabilities across your entire organisation or supply chain and create long-term resilience.

Our portfolio of 150 risk indices offers organisations a unique solution that provides a holistic view of their risk exposure at a global scale across the four key areas of political, economic, human rights and environmental risk. In addition, our new Industry Risk Analytics measure and assess 74 industries on their the impact on, and exposure to, 16 environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in 198 countries, which enable users to build a comprehensive understanding of an industry’s impact on their operating environment.

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Using data to attain a holistic understanding of global risk exposure


  • Create independent, comparative risk assessments using proprietary data for 150 issues

  • Quick benchmarking of inherent risk in countries, cities, assets saves time and cost

  • Full spectrum risk coverage gives clients a competitive edge in their decision making

  • Securely integrate site-specific data with our analytics to instantly flag high risk locations

  • Can be tailored for multiple sectors / job functions and to meet corporate codes of conduct

  • Encompasses emerging issues, including modern day slavery, conflict minerals and trafficking

Key features

  • Global coverage and comparable risk scores for up to 198 countries across 150 political risk, human rights, economic and environmental issues

  • Risk indices are proprietary and based on expert in-house methodologies which clients can access alongside underlying data

  • Generates results in a consistent format for each country, including: global indices, country scorecards, interactive maps on a user-centric data platform

  • 10% of risk indices updated quarterly, 20% offer subnational granularity, including terrorism, natural hazards, climate change vulnerability, water stress

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