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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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GRiD is built to help you quickly identify and understand risk around the world so you can rapidly make impactful business decisions.

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Easy to use interface

We’ve specifically designed GRiD with you and your workflows in mind

All in one place

A single source of intelligence, integrating global risk analytics and expert insight

Personal views

Build, customise and share bespoke risk views based on locations and themes

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Change from detail
Get below the surface

Dig into our 850+ indicators to see what’s driving risk at a more granular level


See what’s changing to understand both the headline and hidden risk trajectories

Ask the analyst

Got questions? Connect with the right expert inline for quick, detailed answers

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Sites on map
Location uploads

Upload site, supplier and investment locations for more granular insights

Data extract

Streamline regular export processes with custom download formats


Get relevant alerts and custom digest emails that keep you in the loop

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Q & A

Frequently asked questions

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