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Beyond the curve: tracking the health of global business

The COVID-19 pandemic is a rare, extreme event. Though a global pandemic has been widely anticipated, now one has emerged it will have radical implications for populations, business and markets for years to come. The consequences are proving to be all the greater because “the world is not prepared” for a global public health crisis of this magnitude.

Here we bring together new and original business insights from our international teams of expert regional and thematic analysts. We’ll go beyond the curve to track and analyse the coronavirus pandemic’s trajectory, with our specialists dissecting the ramifications for companies and investors exposed to affected countries, industries and commodities.

Coronavirus Case Trajectories & Country Response Capacity

Updated daily, the interactive chart below shows evolving country-level case trends and the proportion of reported deaths relative to reported cases since late-January in all countries affected by COVID-19.

However, case identification varies widely between countries due to under-reporting, shortfalls in testing capacity or selective testing policies. Evidence is also emerging that deaths in key hotspots have been radically under-reported. Aware of these caveats, we present this data as an approximate guide to country-level trends, particularly the rate of growth in cases.


We also use our own data* to bring focus on the baseline political and institutional context for the non-pharmaceutical interventions being implemented – countries’ overall pandemic response capacity and (in the pop-ups) their unique combination of strengths and weaknesses: connectivity, healthcare resourcing, government effectiveness, political freedom, and the multiple factors affecting how likely communities are to consent to restrictions.

*While our approach may change as the situation evolves, we’re currently penalising politically freer countries: among developed democracies, only those with recent SARS experience have imposed emergency measures early enough to avoid major public health crises. Our approach is experimental at this stage due to robust, comparable, dynamic country data on COVID-19 response measures only beginning to be collated. As these develop, we’ll consider how best to factor them in.

Further regional & thematic insight below
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      Thursday 29th October 2020 -- 08:00 BST

      Global Energy Supply chain Disruption
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      Thursday 11th June 2020 -- 08:00 BST

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      Thursday 28th May 2020 -- 08:00 BST

      Asia ESG Retail Labour rights
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      Thursday 14th May 2020 -- 08:00 BST

      Africa ESG
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      Thursday 7th May 2020 -- 15:00 BST

      Global Catastrophe Models
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      Thursday 30th April 2020 -- 15:00 BST

      Latin America Economics Politics
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      Thursday 23rd April 2020 -- 08:00 BST

      Global Supply Chain
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      Thursday 16th April 2020 -- 07:00 BST & 15:00 BST

      Global Political Risk Economics
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      Thursday 9th April 2020 -- 07:00 BST & 15:00 BST

      Global Supply Chain Oil & Gas Mining
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    Global Climate change Energy transition Environmental risk
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  • COVID-19: No breathing room for major economies

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    Global Economics Sovereign Debt
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  • COVID-19 containment puts lid on LatAm regional unrest, but pressure already building

    31st March 2020

    Latin America Political Risk Civil Unrest Sovereign Debt
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  • COVID-19 pandemic is last straw for large African economies

    23rd March 2020

    Africa Economics Oil & Gas Sovereign Debt
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  • Multiple COVID-19 shocks mean no respite for oil and gas sector in near future

    20th March 2020

    Global Oil & Gas
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    11th February 2020

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