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Discuss your challenges with our experts
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Whether you’re stuck with rigid legacy systems, or have a data-savvy team with a versatile warehouse, we’ll help you access our data in whatever way makes sense for you. We offer subscription services and tailored consulting advice.

You can find more detailed info below or you may have a question about accessing our data?

Maplecroft API – automate your risk analysis and management programs

Use the Maplecroft API to seamlessly integrate risk data into the platform of your choice

Visualisation connectors - go from data to insight in seconds

Plug in the world’s most powerful global risk data with your favourite business intelligence tool to deliver powerful insights

GIS Connectivity – Enhance your risk identification with pinpoint mapping

Connect your GIS systems to world’s leading risk data

Third-party platforms - access data through trusted solutions

We're on Open:Factset, and we have relationships with SupplyShift and Resilinc, with SAP Ariba coming soon.

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