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Financial services

Our country and company intelligence includes access to a suite of qualitative and quantitative risk data for investment research. This includes research, ratings, screening, benchmarking and engagement.

Country-level data is available for more than 160 risk issues and for all countries worldwide. This allows rapid benchmarking and assessment of specific risks using proprietary indices and tools, such as the ESG+POLITICAL Atlas and Risk Calculator, the Political Risk Index and the Fiscal Risk Index. This comprehensive index data is complemented by in-house expertise and GIS sub-national mapping across all issues areas and geographies. In-depth country reports cover areas such as labour standards, ESG issues, political risk, and corporate governance, with hundreds more in our extensive archive.

Company research tools include Verisk Maplecroft ratings for over 500 companies, in-depth reports, and a comprehensive archive, including thousands of stakeholder viewpoints and articles from our Global Risks Forecast and Ethical Insight publications. This enables a substantial amount of data from a variety of sources to be assembled quickly in the analysis of extra-financial risks and opportunities facing individual companies or portfolios.

Verisk Maplecroft has developed an ESG Equity/Asset Screening and Engagement Tool that produces comprehensive risk profiles of companies within investment portfolios and an evaluation of their proficiency to manage those risks. The tool utilises Verisk Maplecroft and/or client ESG performance criteria and weighted company global risk scores to measure risk by industry and geography in order to identify companies with high ESG risk exposures. Results are delivered via an online dashboard, featuring risk exposure charts, graphs and scorecards, which enable investors to pinpoint key issues and questions for an investor/client engagement and to identify investment opportunities, such as the value-added return achieved by removing “high risk/low proficiency” companies from a portfolio.

Verisk Maplecroft has significant experience delivering bespoke risk advisory services across a range of areas for the financial sector. This includes stakeholder mapping, engagement and facilitation services, assistance in preparing financial institution sustainability/ESG reports, and integration of sustainability issues into investment decision-making processes.

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Country research

Scorecards, briefings and in-depth reports for all countries worldwide including sovereign and sub-sovereign risk ratings

Company reports

In-depth ESG and sustainability insights into company risk exposures and risk management proficiency

Asset screening

Screening of risks by geography, sector and relevant standards e.g. UN Global Compact

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