Human rights due diligence

Human rights risk assessment for fertiliser company

We worked alongside a global fertiliser producer to help strategically manage human rights risks using a multi-tiered, risk-based assessment process.

  • Challenge

    With isolated pockets of good human rights practice, our client lacked a strategic and coordinated approach to tackling human rights risks and impacts. Our client also required a risk-based, flexible solution that accounted for a complex organisational structure which includes diverse activities, joint ventures and operations in over 70 countries.

  • Solution

    In collaboration with the client we developed a risk dashboard of 16 relevant human rights issues. This framework was then used to assess corporate human rights risks globally, identifying high risk issues and countries. Priority countries were then subject to more in-depth assessments of potential risks.

  • Outcome

    The client was able to prioritise key human rights risks globally and within key countries. National-level actions were identified and implemented to address key risks. Additionally, the exercise and visually appealing risk maps were used to engage board members and key individuals at the country level.