Sustainable procurement

Screening suppliers for a global telecoms company

We worked with a global telecoms company to develop a country and product category risk assessment in order to screen suppliers and better target supplier audits and self-assessments.

  • Challenge

    The client wanted to screen over 2,000 suppliers from more than 100 counties covering dozens of different product categories to determine which suppliers should undertake a SAQ or audit.

  • Solution

    We developed a bespoke risk assessment aligned to the client’s Supplier Code of Conduct. The risk assessment incorporated our global risk indices to evaluate country risk and product scores to evaluate the supplier activity risk. Supplier criticality and spend data were also incorporated to assess the client’s exposure to violations by each supplier.

  • Outcome

    The project enabled the client to systematically screen over 2,000 suppliers and categorise each supplier by risk. The client used this prioritised supplier list to quickly evaluate which suppliers should undertake an SAQ or progress to an audit. The client was also able to use the assessment results to pinpoint high-risk countries and product categories for further inspection.