Metals & mining

Corporate-level human rights impact assessment

We worked with an international mining major to develop and deliver a quantified corporate-level human rights impact assessment, in line with the United Nations Guiding Principles.

  • Challenge

    The client wanted to understand how to prevent and mitigate adverse human rights impacts linked to its 28 mining and metal operations around the world. The aim of the assessment was to better integrate human rights concerns into relevant business processes, taking the insights from key stakeholders into consideration.

  • Solution

    We developed a scalable and quantified assessment methodology, aligned with the UNGPs. Three rounds of consultation with key international stakeholders provided feedback on the approach and ensured a variety of perspectives were considered. An additional element was included to understand how the company promotes and advances human rights, providing the client with an overview of performance in this area.

  • Outcome

    The HRIA analysed the type, volume and severity of risks / impacts across the group – and identified the highest impact locations, including its mines in Indonesia and DR Congo. Following the completion of the corporate-level HRIA, the company committed to undertaking more targeted, operational-level assessments at high risk mine sites – and lessons-learned from the corporate process were integrated into the assessment methodology.