Commodity Risk Service

ESG risk data & insight on 150+ global commodities

Risk assess and benchmark raw materials with the world’s only comprehensive, comparable dataset on the sustainability, ESG and climate risks of global agricultural, aquaculture, metals & natural resource commodities.

Our Commodity Risk Service helps companies and investors quickly understand, adapt and report on the commodity-specific ESG risks built into supply chains, investments and transactions at the farm or mine-level.

Key benefits of our Commodity Risk Service


Make data-driven decisions


Use our Commodity Risk Service to build a structured, updateable, high-level risk assessment of all your raw material sourcing to guide your overall strategy


Streamline internal processes across procurement and sustainability teams by using a single source of truth for ESG risk intelligence


Design robust and consistent investment screening processes to benchmark your origination universe and focus on the most responsible counterparties and deals


Focus on your key risks


Build on your initial high-level assessment and dig deeper into subnational sourcing regions, specific material issues or other downstream value chain tiers


Use the service as a basis for conducting enhanced supplier risk assessments, detailed investment due diligence or market entry studies


Focus site-level Human Rights Impact Assessments that seamlessly integrate with your corporate-level risk assessments through our consistent HRIA methodology


Demonstrate action


Strengthen your compliance with modern slavery reporting requirements by showing your stakeholders you use independent, third-party data to underpin your efforts


Incorporate our data into your sustainability reporting and human rights due diligence disclosure and to support your communication of risk and materiality to investors


Attract new fund inflows by demonstrating ESG leadership through a robust ESG policy and targeted engagement framework

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Some of the clients we’ve impacted

Key Features


A unique dataset

Key risks

Our Commodity Risk Service assesses 20 material ESG and disruption issues that typically align with supplier codes of conduct and responsible investment policies


Our risk data enables robust benchmarking across diverse commodities, sourcing countries and risks. 3 years’ time series data also reveals trends and trajectories


Served through a bespoke dashboard, you can easily compare, visualise and drill down into indicator-level data and the underlying evidence, all in one interactive view


Focused deliverables


Concise commodity risk profiles provide an analytical overview of global production, key risks flagged by our data and relevant recent events, ideal for buyers and ESG analysts


Frequent analysis from our global experts on emerging and future risks, their business implications and future outlook for your chosen commodities


Our assessments look at farm or mine-level risks in all major producing countries as standard. Ask us about further countries, subnational analysis or downstream value chain tiers


Flexibly packaged


Our subscription model lets you select from over 150 hard and soft commodities or build a tailored service package to suit your business and investment needs

Access the Analyst

Discuss further questions you have about your commodities and their producing countries of interest with our global team of risk experts

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