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Financial Services

Verisk Maplecroft offers a multi-award-winning portfolio of global risk analytics; interactive mapping; country and commodity risk research; and advisory services to help financial services firms understand the fast-changing geo-political landscape in order to minimise their risk exposure and identify investment opportunities.

Clients include many of the world’s leading banks, asset managers, insurance companies, international development banks, investment banks, private equity firms, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. Our products and services have been developed to enable these organisations to identify current and future political, social, environmental and reputational threats affecting countries, companies and assets at national and sub-national levels.

Verisk Maplecroft’s resources for the sector cover all countries and issues and include: 200 risk indices and interactive maps; seven thematic risk atlases; country risk reports; commodity and sector specific reports; company risk reports; ESG risk ratings; human rights due diligence; investment risk assessments; asset screening tools; and a suite of risk calculators and dashboards to assess ESG, sovereign and supply chain risks.

Visit Verisk Maplecroft’s products and services to see full details of available products, including risk indices, maps and country scorecards, as well as in-depth reports that can be tailored to the financial services sector. Alternatively register for free trial access.

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Financial Services

01Portfolio screening for a UK-based asset management firm

Verisk Maplecroft has conducted extensive risk screening to assess political and ESG risk exposures in a large number of companies within the portfolio of a well-known UK-based asset management firm. Work for the firm included:

  • Provision of a range of risk analysis services and products, including in-depth company risk reports and ESG ratings for investment due diligence across 350 companies.
  • Detailed political and ESG risk assessments of the global value chains of the companies were made utilising Verisk Maplecroft’s risk indices and interactive maps.
  • Producing a range of maps and scorecards for each company that allowed the firm to easily compare investment risks across a wide range of assets, issues and countries.

Verisk Maplecroft’s work allows the firm to identify emerging investment opportunities and to pinpoint inherent and emerging risks relevant to current and potential investments. In addition, these resources maintain a sustainable and responsible investment portfolio, which complies with selected investment criteria.

Financial Services

02Commodity specific reports for an international development bank

Verisk Maplecroft has tailored a range of reports identifying key risks in the export finance of agro-commodities, across developing markets, for an international development bank.

  • Following a consultation process Verisk Maplecroft produced a series of reports, each focusing on one country, on the status of a range of commodities, including: sugar, cocoa, palm oil, rubber and coffee.
  • Each report includes detailed analysis of the environmental and social risks involved in the production of agro-commodities, including labour rights, human rights, water stress and exposure to natural hazards.
  • Analysis also offers a review of key producers and processors, including subnational mapping of risks including overlays of individual plantations and operations.

These reports enable the development bank to identify investment and reputational risks and were used to inform its investment decision making.

Financial Services

03Review of company ESG management proficiency in high risk countries

Verisk Maplecroft has undertaken in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis to assess company ESG risk management proficiency in high risk countries for a leading Dutch asset management company. The project involved:

  • Development of a country risk index to identify high risk countries based on the ESG risks of most interest to the client.
  • Assessment of company risk management proficiency through a bespoke company rating tool, based on Verisk Maplecroft’s established Human Rights Benchmarking and Climate Innovation Index methodology.
  • Direct engagement with the companies provided an opportunity to ask targeted questions ensuring the accuracy of analysis.

Verisk Maplecroft’s analysis identified key engagement opportunities that inform the client’s ongoing process of company engagement.

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