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Agri-commodities and consumer goods

Companies producing or sourcing agri-commodities face an increasingly wide-ranging set of risks as they seek new investment opportunities across emerging and developing economies.

Verisk Maplecroft offers companies the insight they need in countries where labour and human rights issues; political risks; weak infrastructure capacity; climate change; water stress; and natural hazards can impact production, supply chain continuity or damage corporate reputation.

These resources encompass a range of multi-award-winning products and services including: a portfolio of 200 risk indices and interactive national and sub-national maps; in-depth country risk reports and briefings covering all countries and issues; commodity specific reports; labour standards reports and supply chain integrity briefings; commodity scoring; strategic resourcing and supply chain management tools; and a suite of risk calculators and dashboards.

Visit Verisk Maplecroft’s products and services to see full details of available products, including risk indices, maps and country scorecards, as well as in-depth reports that can be tailored to the agri-commodities sector. Alternatively register for free trial access.

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Agri-commodities and consumer goods

01Commodity-specific reports for a global development bank

Verisk Maplecroft has produced a series of country risk reports on key international sugar producers for a well-known global development bank. Each report focused on one country and provided:

  • Analysis of the status of the sugar sector, including area cultivated, key producers/processors, etc.
  • Assessments of key E&S issues associated with the sector, including sub-national variations.
  • In-depth reviews of identified producers/suppliers.

For some countries of additional interest, these reports were then expanded to cover additional agri-commodities requested by the client (coffee, cocoa, palm oil, copra, livestock, fisheries and forestry) and then to cover selected non-agricultural sectors (mining, O&G, ICT, transport, tourism and power). The final phase of the project provided the client with in-depth analysis of associated State Owned Enterprises and key landowner groups. These reports minimised the bank’s risk exposure by identifying the markets and suppliers with the least risk exposure.

Agri-commodities and consumer goods

02Supplier benchmarking for a food manufacturer

Verisk Maplecroft has undertaken a benchmarking exercise for a well-known food manufacturer that sources agri-commodities, such as cocoa, coffee, palm oil, and sugar.

The benchmarking exercise included:

  • Rating of 26 companies in the food and beverage sector for the company’s responsible sourcing programme, using Verisk Maplecroft’s bespoke company assessment tool.
  • Production of scorecards with company performance and ranking for each company.
  • In-depth analysis, including identification of best practice within the sector and gaps within the company’s current programme.

Through this peer comparison, it was possible to highlight the areas that require further improvements for the company to retain its position as sector best.

Agri-commodities and consumer goods

03Development of a strategic-sourcing tool for a leading supermarket

Verisk Maplecroft has developed an online tool allowing a global supermarket chain to evaluate multiple risks across supplier sites worldwide.

Using supplier coordinates provided by the supermarket, Verisk Maplecroft’s tool maps thousands of supplier sites, allowing them to refine results by country, supplier relationships and supplier roles.

  • The tool was customised for the supermarket to enable them to select key themes of concern, from Verisk Maplecroft’s unique bank of 200 risk indices, to focus on issues including: labour rights, political violence and conflict and natural hazards risks.
  • Selected sites are compared against key themes of interest, with the tool providing analytics both at country and site-specific levels.
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