Predictive analytics

Discuss your challenges with our experts
Discuss your challenges with our experts

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Anticipating future risk is key for companies across sectors, whether it involves supply chain management, investment planning, or corporate security.

Our quantitative political risk forecasts cover a range of issues through advanced machine learning techniques that are honed by our country and thematic risk experts. 

Clients leverage our predictive capabilities to:

  • Assess the risk posed by geopolitical tensions to their investments

  • Understand the likelihood of an increase in the risk environment

  • Develop a new auditing regime based on a machine learning model that forecasts the risk of audit failure for each of their Tier 1 factories

Drawing on innovative global data sources, our forecasting dataset uses Monte Carlo simulations and regression analysis to provide probabilistic assessments for government stability, interstate tensions, state instability, and civil disorder. New predictive models covering water security, deforestation and corruption are also in development, while our data scientists are working directly with clients to build predictive models based on their own data.