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Regardless of where your organisation is on its ESG journey, we have the expertise, experience and unique data assets to help you create commercial and reputational value. We will work with you to build and cement environmental, social and governance factors into your strategic risk management processes and decision-making, so you can meet and exceed the increasing ethical expectations placed on business today.

Our team of experts deliver tailored advice and solutions that combine independent research with world leading ESG risk data to improve financial performance, resilience, competitive advantage and alignment with evolving societal values. Whether you’re looking to strengthen ESG processes, integrate ESG into market entry or M&A due diligence, or improve external communications, we enable you to mitigate ESG risks, optimise opportunities and enhance your ESG credentials.

What’s ESG exposure, and why does it matter?

James Lockhart-Smith

Head of Financial Sector Risk
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How we help you manage ESG risks

Franca Wolf

Senior Markets Analyst
  • Our quantitative, comparable ESG risk assessment frameworks can be tailored to specific assets, portfolios, sectors, regions or asset classes – to help you high-grade potential ESG risks and focus on the most material issues for your business.

  • ESG analysis is often under-utilised in transaction due diligence. Our assessment approaches can help you gain insight into under-priced risks at the asset-level and across the wider value chain, to support price negotiations, strategic value creation, post-acquisition action plans and reinforce investor confidence.

  • We can help you leverage our forward-looking ESG indices and regional, thematic and industry expertise to map and monitor the trajectory of key ESG risks across the short, medium and long-term time horizons.

  • Through a structured process of internal engagement, external trends evaluation and stakeholder mapping, we work with you to help develop an ESG strategy aligned with industry best practice and leading guidelines (UN PRI, TCFD, SDGs, ICMM, UNGPs etc.), supporting engagement with stakeholders on the issues that matter most to them.

  • We can deliver tailored ESG training to investment and external relations teams, review and recommend enhancements to existing ESG integration frameworks and governance processes, and help strengthen data-led approaches to assessing ESG risk exposure and evaluating the implications of your primary investments and activities.

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