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Introducing the Corporate Exposure Tool

Introducing the Corporate Exposure Tool

Our new Corporate Exposure Tool measures asset-level oil & gas company and industry exposure to ESG, climate and political risks. In partnership with Wood Mackenzie, we’ve married national and subnational risk data with field-level commercial data to bring you the most powerful risk assessment tool on the market.

By matching asset-level risk scores to energy companies’ production, reserves, capex or NPV across their global upstream operations, and weighting those risk scores by the commercials to produce company-level metrics, the tool takes corporate risk assessment to the next level. You can easily measure and compare the exposure of almost 3,000 companies and 10,000+ assets to 100+ ESG, climate and political risks. 

Whether your focus is aligning your climate risk management with TCFD, pinpointing your exposure to critical ESG risks such as water stress, occupational health & safety or corruption, or understanding just how worried you should be about civil unrest or government instability, the corporate exposure tool gives you the insight, data and analytics you need.

The Corporate Exposure Tool can help:

  • Energy firms - Easily understand your above-ground ESG, climate and political risk exposure and fully factor this into your new ventures and operational decision-making, benchmarking against your peers and the industry as a whole. Get the information you need to respond appropriately to risk-aware investors.
  • Asset owners and managers - Understand and quantify the ESG, climate and political risk exposure of existing or potential energy sector investments to inform your portfolio construction, company engagement and investment decision-making, and client/external reporting.
  • Banks - Efficiently monitor and report on the ESG, climate and political risk exposures of your energy sector corporate and project transactions. You can easily understand and act on the risk implications of M&A deals, and get the data and visuals you need to help your clients make the right investment decisions

Can you quantify your company's above-ground risk exposure?

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The business rationale for routinely assessing exposure across both existing and potential investments is clear. Talk to us today about how you can use the Corporate Exposure Tool to make smarter business decisions.

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