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Modern slavery solutions and services tailored to your needs

The Thai fishing scandal put modern slavery on the global map. It highlighted the lack of visibility major retail brands had of the violations occurring in the lower tiers of their supply chains and the damage such incidents can have on brand reputation. Responsible procurement and CSR professionals from all sectors are now under increasing pressure to respond to evolving legal obligations and to assure ethically aware consumers and investors they are doing all they can to eradicate modern slavery from their supply chains.

We have the data, experience and expertise to help companies successfully adapt and respond to emerging modern slavery legislation and establish leadership on the issue to provide brand confidence with external stakeholders. Our full spectrum risk assessment and due diligence service encompasses the identification of slavery risks deep within the supply chain; the development of robust anti-slavery policies and mitigation strategies; and expert advice on reporting obligations and the delivery of modern slavery statements.

How can businesses identify modern slavery risks in their supply chain?


  • Helps companies comply with new and emerging regulation on modern slavery and establish reputational leadership

  • Conduct an annual risk assessment using our new Modern Slavery Index to comply with new legal requirements

  • Develop effective human rights due diligence strategies for managing and mitigating modern slavery risks

  • Robust risk assessment methodologies enable you to pinpoint and prioritise hotspots across your value chain

  • Using industry leading data and expertise, our human rights team will help shape best-in-class modern slavery communications

  • Access best practice insight from our human rights experts gained from cross-sector consultation and collaboration

Key features

  • Modern Slavery Index

    Quantifies the risk to business of the association with forced labour, bonded labour, human trafficking and child slave labour in 198 countries

  • Sector and commodity data

    Modern slavery risk scores for priority sectors and 100+ commodities help prioritise high risk locations

  • Modern slavery training

    Interactive and practical learning on the modern slavery risk drivers and key exposure points throughout your business/supply chain

  • Consulting and advisory support

    Team of human rights experts and legal specialists on hand to assist clients with all facets of their approach to modern slavery

Learn how we can support your modern slavery risk management process:

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