Webinar On Demand: Supply Chain Risk Outlook 2019

Commodities, labour risks and ESG concerns

Our 2019 Supply Chain Risk Outlook covers key and emerging ESG issues that multinational supply chains cannot afford to ignore. Are you looking for a new perspective on the potential exposure to these reputational, regulatory and other business risks? Register to hear our webinar recording and download the slides. 

The webinar, originally recorded on 8 May 2019 covered:

  • Using social media to map social risks using key commodities
  • Labour risks associated with the rapid growth in e-commerce
  • ESG concerns facing business when divesting away from China


Stefan Sabo-Walsh, Head of Value Chains
Olivia Dobson , Principal Analyst, Value Chains
Meagan Norris, Industry Risk Service Content Lead
Ryan Aherin, Commodity Risk Service Content Lead

Register for the webinar recording to find out how you can:

  • Identify the raw materials primed to join cobalt at the top of the list of commodities being monitored by NGO’s and regulators alike
  • Take a closer look at how the rapid growth in e-commerce could unravel carefully laid responsible sourcing strategies
  • Manage a new host of social concerns as the trade war continues and businesses look to divest their supply chains from China and reorient towards other markets in SEA 
  • Map practical next steps to identify and address your exposure