Webinar: the age of strategic competition in Metals & Mining

Geopolitical Risk Outlook

The past 12 months has been a tumultuous period in the international arena and the age of strategic competition has well and truly arrived. We've seen: The world’s two largest economies fight a disruptive trade war that shows little sign of abating, the US and Russia squaring off across a range of fronts, and a geopolitical spat between Beijing and Canberra causing China to restrict coal imports from Australia as punishment.

A trade deal is likely to prove only a temporary sticking plaster as the trade war is the most prominent manifestation of increasing strategic rivalry across the board. To help companies navigate these issues, we held a webinar to analyse the key geopolitical risks set that affect the global metals and mining sector in the months and years ahead.

The long-term trend is towards increasing geopolitical tensions between the US and China

Register for the webinar recording to find out:

  • What impact will increasing strategic competition between the US & China have on ‘critical mineral’ supply chains?
  • What are the chances of economic sanctions against Russian firms disrupting global metals markets?
  • What does China’s politically-stoked ‘go-slow’ on Australian coal imports tell us about the world’s largest commodity demand centre?


Hugo Brennan, Head of Mining and Metals Risk
Daragh McDowell, Head of Europe and Central Asia