Webcast: Renewed civil unrest in Latin America - a question of when, not if

Coronavirus Webcast Series


Against the backdrop of the most disappointing economic performance of any region globally over the past three years, and a major spike in civil unrest in 2019, we will evaluate the macroeconomic, market and political implications of the COVID-19 outbreak in Latin America. The pace and breadth of the virus expansion will be crucial to determining the industries most at risk. Yet, with disparate policy responses from key commodity producers, supply chain disruption will also be varied.

Through the webcast you’ll learn about:

  • Which countries are facing the main macroeconomic risks and what have they done to address these?
  • How will the pandemic impact political stability in the main economies?
  • What impact would the delay of electoral processes have?


  • Jimena Blanco, Head of Americas Risk Insight Research
  • James Lockhart Smith, Head of Financial Sector Risk