Webcast: COVID-19 unravels labour rights in Asia’s garment sector

Coronavirus Webcast Series


The coronavirus pandemic has had a disastrous impact on Asian garment manufacturing hubs, with millions at risk of losing their livelihoods. Global retail companies face increasing pressure to ensure that their most vulnerable workers are not left behind. Despite the easing of lockdown restrictions and reopening of manufacturing sectors across Asia, labour rights will continue to be on the decline, particularly for the region’s sizable informal workforce.

Through this webcast you’ll learn about:

  • How demand disruption is impacting labour rights not only in the garment sector, but across entire economies?
  • How governments have responded in these textile hubs and whether they can afford to do more?
  • What the biggest challenges are facing global companies reliant on an informal workforce
  • The key ESG challenges arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic that companies and investors now face?


  • Sofia Nazalya, Human Rights Analyst
  • James Lockhart Smith, Head of Financial Sector Risk