Webcast: COVID-19 and the politics and economics of pandemic response

Coronavirus Webcast Series


Developed, emerging and frontier markets worldwide are deploying different combinations of public health, fiscal and monetary policy responses in a bid both to protect lives by slowing or suppressing the spread of the novel coronavirus and to limit the economic, social and political consequences of restrictions on individual and business activity. Our experts discuss both the political and institutional factors affecting country responses; and the sustainability of the fiscal and monetary tools that governments are deploying to keep their economies afloat.

Through the webcast you'll learn about:

  • What role have politics and governance played in determining how countries have responded to the pandemic?
  • How much fiscal and monetary room for manoeuvre do key developed and emerging markets have left?
  • What economic, political and public health factors will shape countries’ recovery trajectories? Can we identify those which are well-positioned and those which are not?
  • Which countries are at particular risk of disorderly economic collapse or political change?


  • David Wille, Principal Analyst, Markets & Economics
  • James Lockhart Smith, Head of Financial Sector Risk