Webcast: ESG implications of travel restrictions imposed in relation to COVID-19

Coronavirus Webcast Series


Travel restrictions enforced in the wake of the coronavirus are causing widespread disruption in supply chains and to company operations. Farmers are short on migrant labourers; the slump in air traffic restricts both the trade in goods and delivery of aid and expat staff have left their country of operations to work-from-home slowing down projects. Listen to our webinar where we discuss our forecasts for how long key markets will keep restrictions on personal travel in place and how they are impacting supply chains and company operations.

Through the webcast you’ll learn about:

  • Which countries are most vulnerable to the potentially long-term nature of these restrictions given their reliance on tourism?
  • How does travel restrictions impact food supply chains and where will they most likely contribute to increased levels of social unrest?
  • Why could labour rights protections be at risk as a consequence of travel restrictions?
  • Are travel bans and other restrictions likely to be eased before they are lifted?
  • Can South Korea serve as a case study for other countries to emulate?


  • Camilla OgunbiyiPrincipal Analyst of Financial Sector Risk and Forecasting
  • Miha HribernikHead of Asia Risk Insight
  • James Lockhart SmithHead of Financial Sector Risk 
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