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Human Rights Outlook 2021

  • Executive summary
  • Worldwide decline in labour rights strikes at heart of global supply chains
  • The small ‘s’ in ESG is about to get a lot bigger
  • 40% of world’s top FDI destinations rated ‘high’ or ‘extreme’ risk for human rights
  • Palm oil, cobalt highest risk for commodity-linked land grabs
  • Separation of powers under attack in 45 countries
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Human Rights Outlook 2020

  • Executive summary
  • Modern slavery risks surge in Asia’s manufacturing hubs, pandemic worsens outlook
  • National security law is ‘game changer’ for multinationals in Hong Kong
  • Demand for hand sanitiser fuelling human rights risks in supply chains
  • Asia emerges as world’s surveillance hotspot
  • Toxic brew heightens child labour risks in African tea, coffee, cocoa

Human Rights Outlook 2019

  • Executive summary
  • ‘Strongmen’ regimes lead charge against freedom of speech and privacy
  • Xinjiang supply chain risks intensify and extend beyond China’s borders
  • Modern slavery risks set to rise as number of climate migrants surge
  • Latin America: Human rights among issues driving surge in anti-mining protests and hampering SLO
  • Renewables: Are human rights the Achilles’ heel of green energy’s sustainability credentials?

Human Rights Outlook 2018

  • Introduction
  • Automation: Rise in worker exploitation predicted as robots revolutionise jobs market
  • Human rights defenders: Business is facing growing pressure to protect campaigners
  • Compliance: Despite multiplying laws and standards, a common approach is emerging
  • Certification: Collaboration is key to make schemes more effective and rebuild confidence
  • Social impacts: Investor community expects business to up its game
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