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Factoring strategic ESG and political risks into portfolio management

A lack of trusted global data and analysis covering political risk and ESG factors can leave investors making decisions in a knowledge vacuum. Nowhere is the need for data-driven insight into political risk seen more clearly than in the emerging markets, where investment returns can suffer as a result of instability, civil unrest, or uncertainty over legislation. ESG analysts also struggle to look beyond company-level management, disclosure and performance scores to track the environmental, human rights, labour standards and governance risks that organisations are exposed to as a result of the countries they operate in or source from.

Measuring these complex risks and systematically incorporating them into their portfolios is a key challenge for investors. Verisk Maplecroft’s Institutional Investor Service provides a holistic solution to help sovereign debt / macro strategists and ESG investors address their risk data and analysis shortfalls. It provides streamlined access to our unique portfolio of 150+ political, economic, social and environmental indices, our in-depth country and thematic research, and our world-class team of 60+ risk experts.


  • Enables global macro strategists to identify and quantify political risks before the market prices them in

  • Provides expert insights into the nexus between politics and economics across emerging market debt portfolios

  • Helps investors incorporate non-financial risk metrics into top-down investment processes

  • Enhances the ability of ESG analysts to achieve sustainable, profitable outcomes via country ESG analytics

  • Offers critical in-depth analysis of the market/industry impacts of emerging environmental and social risks

  • Saves time and cost through quick and flexible selection and weighting of ESG issues which reflect materiality

Key features

  • ESG + Political Risk data

    Measure the impact of 150+ political, social, economic and environmental risks on your portfolio

  • Research

    Industry-leading analysis of political, economic, and ESG risks in emerging/frontier markets

  • Expert access

    Speak with our team of world-class regional and thematic experts to gain unique insights

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