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Pinpoint and prioritise global responsible sourcing risks

Most companies have procedures in place to monitor first tier suppliers, but this represents the tip of the iceberg. Concealed deep within supply chains, the production of raw materials can create damaging human rights or environmental impacts without you knowing about it until it’s too late.

Our Commodity Risk Service helps you move beyond the first tier. It draws on the industry’s leading portfolio of risk analytics and a 60 strong team of experts to provide you with the data, intelligence and insight you need to understand, identify and prioritise risk hotspots across major commodity producing countries.

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  • Minimises reputational risk through the early identification of risk hotspots for prioritisation

  • Guides sustainable sourcing strategies and policies by letting you focus on the most material risks to your company

  • Helps you comply with new and emerging legislation on modern slavery, trafficking and conflict minerals

  • Benchmarking of risks saves time and cost by helping you target limited budgets where they are most needed

  • Provides a critical tool for communication and boosts transparency on how you are managing supply chain risk

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest collaborative initiatives, best practice and unfolding events

Key features

  • Commodity Risk Database

    Risk scores for 20 human rights, environmental and political risks in major producing and exporting countries for 100+ commodities

  • Commodity Risk Profiles

    Expert, independent analysis on all commodities, encompassing key risk issues and sourcing countries

  • Customised Analytics

    Adjust risk weightings, select sourcing countries and add procurement information to obtain risk metrics that reflect company specific needs

A selection of hard and soft commodity scorecards and profiles are available as samples.

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