Strategic alliances

Discuss your challenges with our experts
Discuss your challenges with our experts
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We believe that collaboration is the key to innovation, which is why we've formed strategic alliances with leaders in technology and data to help our customers operate more ethically and efficiently.

Through our alliances, we give you the power to seamlessly integrate our data into a solution of your choice. Using APIs, our content can be easily assimilated into any platform – from supplier risk management solutions to geospatial mapping and visualisation tools, and even into central corporate systems.

This flexibility means we can deliver a powerful, data-driven approach to risk management through multiple channels that will streamline processes and save you time and money.

Current alliances

A successful vendor risk management programme requires both trusted data and issue expertise to identify high-risk suppliers, prioritise them for action and minimise supply chain disruption. We combine our data with leading risk management and supply chain platforms so our risk analytics can be accessed as part of your daily workflow.

Successfully integrating global ESG and political risk factors into your investment strategy is impossible without multidimensional country, industry and corporate risk and performance data. We are expanding our current set of alliances to include leading data providers and platforms to help institutional investors integrate our industry leading risk analytics across multiple asset classes and workflows.

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