Environment & climate change

Water risk monitoring solution for a manufacturing company

We provided a manufacturing company with a tool to monitor physical, regulatory and reputational water-related risks at the local and corporate level. The tool formed part of the company’s strategic water management plan.

  • Challenge

    The company’s existing approach to managing operational water-related risks already complied with several requirements in the Alliance for Water Stewardship standard. However, it was seeking to gain an improved understanding of the water resource situation surrounding its sites in order to improve corporate water stewardship.

  • Solution

    A monitoring tool was developed that incorporated state-of-the-art satellite data and climate forecast models to provide information on groundwater, precipitation and drought conditions at the catchment level on a quarterly basis. This was combined with desktop research on changes in local sentiment and national and site-specific water-related laws and regulations.

  • Outcome

    The monitoring tool helped to keep the client abreast of national-level and site-specific changes to the water risk context. A regularly updated view on the regulatory, reputational and physical resource risks at each operating site allowed the client to implement water stewardship measures in a robust and credible manner.