Environment & climate change

Undertaking water risk analysis to enhance corporate stewardship

An extractives company was looking to understand water risks across six of its key operating territories and review its approach to water stewardship.

  • Challenge

    To develop an in-depth understanding of the spectrum of water-related risks across the business. An operating presence across five continents meant the client faced very different water stewardship challenges both between countries and at different sites within countries.

  • Solution

    We provided a comprehensive report presenting context and catchment-specific information for each operational area. The analytical framework supported a comparison of the water stewardship context and associated water risks across the named sites using a criteria-based assessment framework.

  • Outcome

    The client could better understand water-related risks and how they might unfold over the long term. The outputs were used to foster internal stakeholder buy-in to the company’s water stewardship programme.