ESG investing

Identifying emerging human rights issues for a financial institution

We provide ongoing support to a multinational financial institution both in the identification of emerging human rights issues and in the analysis of the drivers of risk.

  • Challenge

    Given the increasing importance of understanding human rights and social issues in the financial sector, the client requires an ongoing identification of relevant emerging risks to support internal decision-making. The client is also eager to understand the risk drivers in order to determine how it can use its leverage to reduce its exposure to these risks.

  • Solution

    Our team produces a bi-annual horizon-scanning report that analyses the emerging human rights issues impacting the financial sector. This report enables staff within the financial institution to understand the steps they need to take to ensure that any risks to the business, customers or partners are appropriately mitigated.

  • Outcome

    The report supports decision-making at the executive level, supporting the development of risk mitigation and remediation strategies. The research also enables the financial institution to identify the relevant external stakeholders that it needs to engage with to ensure effective risk mitigation.